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New Fear Effect developers working on bringing game to PS4, Xbox One

Gameplay footage of Fear Effect: Sedna released

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The new Fear Effect game will be ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, developer Sushee said this week, if its crowdfunding campaign for the game is successful.

In an update posted to the Kickstarter campaign for Fear Effect: Sedna, Sushee said the decision to pursue a console port was based on numerous requests from fans.

"It was a difficult decision for us, because developing on PS4 or Xbox One requires a lot of work, and significant financial investment too," the studio said. "It was a tough job, and we had to make choices, but today we can officially announce that we will be porting the game on PS4 and Xbox One!

"We are very excited to see Fear Effect on consoles. You may wonder why we didn't plan this at the beginning of the campaign? The reason is simple, we only could secure the required funds recently, and it's very important for us to commit to doing things we have the capacity to do."

Previously, Fear Effect: Sedna was confirmed only for Mac and Windows PC. The isometric real-time tactical action game is currently seeking €100,000 from backers; Sushee has raised more than 75 percent of that goal. The Kickstarter campaign runs until May 13.

Sushee also released gameplay footage of Fear Effect: Sedna's prototype, which you can watch in the video below.

Fear Effect: Sedna was announced in April as a continuation of the Fear Effect franchise, which launched on PlayStation in 2000. It's part of publisher Square Enix's Collective program.

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