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Watch us uncover Push Me Pull You's cutest, worst-kept secret

The body horror party game has an adorable side

Allegra and Megan have been playing a ton of Push Me Pull You, the PlayStation 4 indie game that's like the athletic version of The Human Centipede. Although they've had a blast growing and shrinking their characters around the court in the quick-paced ball game, they felt there was something missing: cute dogs.

This isn't a non-sequitur. Push Me Pull You players will notice a number of canine companions seen throughout the game's menu screens. When Megan and Allegra saw that one of the game's trophies, "Woof Woof," unlocks upon finding its secret mode, they instantly made the connection.

Watch above as we reveal to you the truth behind Push Me Pull You's wonderful secret mode. Here's a hint: It's exactly what we were looking for.

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