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The Pokémon Cookbook will turn trainers into foodies this holiday

Now even you can taste Pikachu

Viz Media will bring The Pokémon Cookbook to bookstores Dec. 6, the publisher said in a press release. Included in the $14.99 book are over 35 recipes inspired by a variety of Pokémon and cuisines.

The Pokémon Cookbook is based on a Japanese volume by Maki Kudo, so expect much of the foodstuffs to be Japanese in origin. Among the entrees mentioned by Viz are Pikachu ramen and Poké Ball sushi rolls; there's also talk of Pokémon-themed pizza in the mix.

Pokémon characters, and Pikachu in particular, have served as culinary inspiration in the past. Last year, Tokyo played host to a special Pikachu cafe. Fans could order burgers and curry with the electrifying rodent's face on them.

Our own Griffin McElroy has taken the quest to taste Pikachu even further. In the episode of Griffin's amiibo Corner below, Griffin does what the rest of us are waiting until December to try: He sticks Pikachu right in his mouth.

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