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Nvidia is hosting a surprise special event tonight, watch it live here

What the heck is the Order of 10 leading to? Find out tonight

Nvidia is hosting a livestream dedicated to "the future of gaming" tonight, according to a press release. We've embedded it above, ahead of the event's kickoff tonight at 9 p.m. ET. Tune in then to hear from CEO Jen-Hsun Huang as he unfurls the secrets Nvidia's been teasing ahead of the event.

The biggest of these secrets concerns the company's new architecture, Pascal, which Nvidia revealed last month. A price and other details haven't been announced, but recent leaks lend credence to fans' belief that tonight's event will offer more information about the GPU. Earlier this week, revealed the benchmark speeds of new graphic cards based on Pascal, according to the website.

Nvidia hasn't said that it would focus on Pascal tonight. Instead, the company has spent the days leading up to tonight's stream on an alternate reality game, Order of 10. Prior to today, a site dedicated to Order of 10 held esoteric clues and codes, puzzles meant to be deciphered by Nvidia devotees. The company even mailed out triangles inspired by Order of 10, as seen below.

order of 10

A technology and space theme pervaded the campaign, which also boasted a countdown clock. The timer was set to go off at 1 p.m. ET today, at which point the page pointed toward links to the 9 p.m. stream, along with a ... scavenger hunt.

Nvidia is encouraging players to embark upon a "tesselation hunt" — a game set in Austin, Texas meant to uncover a variety of "temporal shards." What significance those ultimately hold remains unknown. Interested local parties can find directions to begin their adventure on Order of 10's site. The final check-in is outside the O. Henry Museum in downtown Austin, just a handful of blocks from the Austin Convention Center.

The company promises that the first 50 to finish the challenge before 6 p.m. ET (or 5 p.m. local time, for serious adventuring Texans) will "win." Win what? According to Order of 10's Twitter account, it sounds like Nvidia is awarding intrepid high-end PC fans with VIP passes to tonight's special event.

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