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Here's what Khadgar looks like in the Warcraft movie

'One does not simply ...' wait, that's the other movie ...

Warcraft's latest trailer showcases another mainstay character of the 22-year-old franchise. Here is Khadgar the mage, portrayed by Ben Schnetzer in his first major role.

In Warcraft's canon, Khadgar is the apprentice of Medivh and commands the Alliance's expedition into Draenor. In Warcraft II he closed the Dark Portal but was trapped in Draenor when it went kaboom. He was presumed dead, but really, when is that ever permanent. Khadgar went on to several more appearances in Warcraft, and will return in World of Warcraft's next expansion, Legion, coming this summer.

Warcraft, as in the movie, will premiere June 10.

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