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Dead Island: Retro Revenge stars the angriest cat owner ever in new trailer

Save the cat, save the world

Dead Island: Retro Revenge comes as a free bonus for those who pre-order Dead Island: Definitive Collection. In case you haven't made your mind up yet on whether it's a game worth putting money down on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One collection early, the trailer above boils it down for you.

In short: Retro Revenge is all about saving your cat from, as per usual, the undead. Unlike the Dead Island affairs it comes packed in with, the game is a 16-bit endless runner. While Retro Revenge shares a universe with the original Dead Island (from 2011) and Riptide (2013), expect this game to be more about the humor than the survival horror

Pubisher Deep Silver announced in March that Dead Island Definitive Collection will hit retail May 31; that's when Retro Revenge will also be available to early buyers. The free bonus game offer is valid until July 31.

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