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Watch more than 20 minutes of Mirage: Arcane Warfare's bloody, magical gameplay

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare was an intensely fun game to play, especially with my son who delighted in out-maneuvering me in swordplay and thwacking off an arm, leg or head in nearly every match.

So we were both excited to try our hands at the next game from Torn Banner Studios, Mirage: Arcane Warfare. The game is a fast-paced medieval weapons and magic game played across a fantasy Arabian backdrop in first-person perspective.

I chatted with the developers at GDC earlier this year to learn a bit about their inspiration and the sort of game they were trying to make this second title into. You can read all about that here. This time around, though, PAX East provided my son and me a chance to play the game. We both loved it.

The mix of dexterous swordplay and body-bashing magic left us powering through the multiplayer matches only to return to the back of the line for another run. It was hands down Tristan's favorite game of the show and nearly the same for me.

While the developers weren't allowing direct capture at the show, they did provide us with plenty of their own gameplay capture to show readers what the game looks like. In the video above you'll find three matches, complete from beginning to end.

The beta for the game hits late spring or early summer, with a planned Windows PC release date later this year.