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Louis C.K. says he doesn't know if or when his show will come back

'I don't know' when it'll return, comedian says

Louis C.K. broke the hearts of comedy fans last year when his popular dramedy series, Louie, went on hiatus. Now, in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the comedian said he's not sure when — or even if — he will return to it.

C.K. said that Louie has always been partially auto-biographical, and at this point in the show's run (five seasons), he's run out of things to write for that version of himself. C.K. first took a two-year hiatus between the third and fourth season of his show, and said that the "just-divorced, kind of under water dad" didn't reflect where he was in his personal life anymore.

"I think, for me, if I'm on TV again doing a single-camera show, it's Louie," C.K. told The Hollywood Reporter. "But I don't know. I have no idea. I needed to not know if I'd ever do it again — I needed to feel that way — so that's the way I feel right now."

C.K. added that if and when he did return, it wouldn't be for a little while longer. The comedian recently told late night host Conan O'Brien that he quit using the internet and wanted to spend the next little bit of time focusing on his relationship with his daughters.

C.K. also said that despite media reports that his "tragic" web series Horace and Pete had come to an end, he wasn't necessarily finished with that either. Like Louie, C.K. said that if wanted to return to do a second season of the show based in a Brooklyn bar, he most definitely could.

"And by the way, I don't know if I'll do it again, but that's up to me," he said. "[I] could do a second season of Horace and Pete, of course I could — and I'm considering it. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I know I will do this kind of show again."

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