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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is heading to smartphones out West (update)

An original RPG adventure for smartphones

Western fans can get their hands on Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, a role-playing game for iOS and Android devices, later this spring. The teaser trailer above announced that the spinoff is now open for pre-registration, with an English-language release coming soon.

Square Enix released Brave Exvius in Japan last October. While it bears the Final Fantasy name, the game borrows its gameplay from the mobile RPG series Brave Frontier, thanks to developer A-Lim. It uses that game's touchscreen battle system, which has players swiping in different directions to unleash special attacks.

Still, players can expect to see familiar summons, magic spells and turn-based battles. Brave Exvius also boasts character illustrations by famed Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano. Now that pre-registration is open — although we had trouble getting the site to submit our request — players can expect to find out exactly how this game plays soon.

Square Enix is also holding a pre-release campaign where, with each pre-registered user, a gauge will fill up to unlock various items for the game. Hitting one million points — roughly 33,333 registrations — will unlock Terra from Final Fantasy 6 as a summon, for instance.

The free-to-play title (with microtransactions, naturally) doesn't have an official launch date yet. The game has been downloaded more than five million times in Japan, according to the publisher.

Update: Square Enix has taken down the teaser trailer for the mobile game. Stranger still, it looks like the Brave Exvius registration site has been taken down. We'll keep you posted as to when it returns.

Update #2 (May 16): The trailer has returned online; you can watch it again above. Square Enix also confirmed that Brave Exvius will be available on iOS and Android this summer. The game will be a free download and offer in-app purchases. Its pre-registration site, which grants users points to unlock special downloads, is also live once more.

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