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Uncharted 4: How to find every collectible item in chapters 10-13

From "The Twelve Towers" to "Marooned"

Chapter 10: The Twelve Towers

Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box

At the start of the chapter, keep right until you reach the ruins with the tall pulley system. Climb up to what remains of the roof, and find the treasure.

Eroded Flintlock Pistol

Drive to the giant waterfall early in the chapter. Head behind the falls where you'll be able to pull down a crate from a platform. Push the crate to the platform on the opposite side, climb up, and the the treasure will be resting on a barrel.

Mughal Ivory Powder Flask

Head to the ruins of the tower with Christopher Condent's sigil on the first floor. (It's next to the area where the jeep gets stuck in the mud, and you use the winch the clear the hill.) The treasure is on the second level of the tower on top of a crate.

Parchment Scroll

Continue driving toward the volcano until you see a cairn and another set of ruins. Only a few walls remain, and a large crate with the treasure is next to one of them.

Ancient Fertility Idol

Continue driving until you pass a small pond. Look ahead, and you will see some boulders and an opening in the distance. Head through it to find the next treasure sitting on a crate.

Pocket Celestial Map

Drive up the broken bridge you pull down, and continue until you see a cairn, or human-made pile of rocks. Climb to the top of the nearby ruins to find something nice for Sam resting on the window sill.

English Ale Bottle

After you see the Shoreline trucks on the horizon, drive toward the wide tree on the left down in the plains. Drive to the wall of the old building, and use the jeep to help climb to the top. Shoot the two red barrels to reveal a way inside. Head down to find a treasure on a table.

Pewter Letter Cylinder

There is a well shortly after the larger pond surrounded by trees. Take the winch down with you into the well, and walk it along the perimeter, making sure to take it through the broken column. After Sully pulls the beam down, walk across it, and jump to the above alcove to find the treasure.

Mughal Box

Using the aforementioned pond as a starting point, drive keeping the smoke to your right. Follow the stone markers until you see to a road that winds up the side of a mountain. Drive up the steps. In the back corner of the ruins is a treasure on a barrel.

English Musket Bandolier

After fighting the Shoreline enemies by the smoke, find and shoot the two red barrels. Drop into the pit, and collect the treasure on the crate.

Antique Tea Tin

At the other Shoreline firefight, head to the middle platform, activate the detonator to blast the doors, and boom goes the dynamite. Head into the building, and find a treasure in the rubble at the back of the room.

Scottish Two Pence Coin

Climb as high as you can on the tall ivory tower to find the next treasure.

Scottish Snuff Mull

Head up the steps at the tower on the volcano. Veer left at the top, and and you'll walk straight to some crates with a treasure on top.

Brass and Ivory Tankard

After turning the crank to open the gate inside the tower, walk inside. On the left wall will be some crates with a treasure behind one.

Muff Pistol

In the same area, find the three wooden crates in one of the corners of the room. Shoot the crates, and a treasure will be inside.

Chapter 11: Hidden in Plain Sight

Earthenware Mug

At the beginning of the chapter, head down into the market and keep to the left. Take the stairs down into an alleyway, at the end of which you will find the treasure.

"Antique Compass"

Along the right side of the market, find a man at a green table selling "antiques." Keep haggling him until he agrees to sell you the treasure.

Nephrite and Jade Bowl

Immediately upon entering the clock tower, look for a small room with grass growing on the floor. The treasure is on the edge of a small statue attached to a blue wall.

Ivory Handle Dagger

Climb along the outside of the tower, past the giant bell, to the very top. Once on the top ledge, the treasure will be on the third balcony you pass.

Brass Globe Hand Warmer

Immediately after you fall to the ground of the now destroyed bell tower, walk around the perimeter of the circular staircase to find a treasure in the debris under fallen beam.

Chapter 12: At Sea

Combination Lock Tobacco Box

Line the stern of the boat up with the pirate ship wreckage, and head to the beach behind the giant boulder. Search the shore for a treasure in a destroyed barrel.

Brass Pocket Sundial

At the start of the chapter, head left and sail the outside perimeter of the archipelago. You will soon see an island with a few large boulders and the mast of a ship. Dive into the water where the wreckage is, and search the ship to find a treasure by some coral.

Silver and Wood Tankard

Before you head up the stairs to the tower, look for a rock formation on the island with the tower. Search under the rock to find the treasure.

Persian Silver Pen Box

In the same area, there is a small cave with a treasure inside. If you're coming from the shore closest to the tower, walk all the way to the opposite shore and make a right.

Panamanian Pendant

This treasure is on one of the small beaches around the main island. Look for the arched rock formation and four small individual boulders to help guide you to the treasure hidden in the sand.

Persian Leather Notebook Case

Immediately after you cross under the arched rock formation while following the arrows, look to your left for a ledge. Climb up to the highest ledge to find a treasure.

Decanni Bronze Sprouted Bowl

After climbing your way out from the giant cave, head to the muddy bank and look for a path flanked by red-striped rocks. Walk through to find the treasure.

Mughal Elephant Carving

After climbing up the broken bridge, head to the right of the two wooden beams and platform. Walk through the curved archway to find a treasure.

Ottoman Helmet

Search inside the opening at the base of the man-made tower to find this treasure.

Deccani Bronze Vase

Climb to the top of the tower, walk out on the beam, and swing across. Climb up the nearby rock to find a treasure on the landing above.

Strange Relic

In the area with the mudslide and the pedestal, head left to the cliffside. Climb up the rock face on the left until you reach the landing at the top. Look across for the structure with the circular top and swing across to collect this treasure.

Hamsa Mythical Goose

While hanging above the cistern, swing your way to the statue with the spear. The treasure is at its feet.

Pique Tortoise Shell Box

In the area where you find the blueprints and stone carvings about the founding of Libertalia, search by the roots of the tree in between two pools of water to find the treasure.

Chapter 13: Marooned

Persian Ring

After waking up, make your way to the rock face with multiple small waterfalls. Climb up and around toward the big waterfall, and you'll come across a treasure hidden in a long crevice.

Wood Tankard

Immediately after dropping down to the ground behind the big waterfall, look for a treasure along the left wall behind a rock.

Spy Glass

Head into the mouth of the cave, and wade your way left to find a treasure on a crate.

Dress Dirk

Shortly after walking through the misty part of the forest, hop on the ledge and head left to find the treasure

Frechen Bearded Bottle

Make your way to the foundation level of the dilapidated house to find the treasure in front of some crates.

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