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Uncharted 4: How to find every collectible item in chapters 14-22

From "Join Me in Paradise" to "A Thief's End"

Chapter 14: Join Me in Paradise

Carved Horn Bird Sculpture

At the start of the chapter, climb through the window of the house you're standing next to. The treasure is on the nearby cart.

Mughal Vase

Facing the Pirate Code of Conduct plaque, head right into the foggy area. Enter the building on your left, and search the back room to find the treasure.

Ancient Stone Pot

In the area with the statue of Avery, head into the building with the stockades in front. Walk into the back room of cells and find a treasure in the second-to-last cell.

Painted Copper Bottle

Climb up the ladder while exploring the underground tunnels, and head right at the fork in the road to find the next treasure.

Mughal Jade Bottle

Before jumping into the house where you later swing across the lantern arms, search the room for a treasure on a wooden platform high in the corner.

Slipjoint Claspknife

Before entering the large white building, walk to the edge facing away from the other buildings. Throw your rope and swing to the room on the right to find a treasure on a crate.

Large Bronze Boar

Head into the white building and make your way through the rooms. After you swing across to the room with the red desk, collect the treasure that is sitting on the desk.

Stout Vase

After sliding down to the courtyard in the administration building, walk up the red stairs and to find a treasure sitting on a desk.

Mughal Serving Vase

In the area with the remnants of a past battle, head right toward the columns. Walk along the columns until you find a treasure on a chair at the end of the walkway.

Chapter 15: The Thieves of Libertalia

Emerald Flask

At the start of the chapter, walk toward the Thief painting on the ground. There, under the fallen bookcase, is the first and only treasure in the chapter.

Chapter 16: The Brothers Drake

Toy Soldier

Head to the fountain the the middle of the courtyard, and walk the perimeter. You come across a bench on the grass behind some shrubbery with a treasure on top.

Toy Seaplane

In the room lined with sarcophagi, look for the staircase across from the "Sarcophagus of the Spouses." Head up the stairs to find the next treasure.

Pirate Snowglobe

After you move the bookcase and take a polaroid with Samuel, climb up the bookcase and jump to the crown molding. While you hang, look back and jump to the landing behind you. Climb over the rail, and walk to the couch to collect the next treasure.

Chapter 17: For Better or Worse

Mughal Flared Vase

At the start of the chapter, climb the ladder and head to the left. The treasure is resting on the edge of the cliff.

Mughal Hinged Box

In the area after you raise the empty elevator, look for a broken flight of descending stairs. Below, you'll find a treasure on a rock.

Jade Serving Bowl

In the room where you just used the winch to pull the balcony down from, head out on the smaller balcony to find the next treasure.

Ancient Stone Bowl

In the area where the car pulls out of the elevator, walk behind the car to the nearby patch of grass. Walk along the ledge until you see a treasure on a small crate.

Pewter Incense Burner

Immediately before the area with the water wheel and large wooden tower, look for a ladder on the stone's edge. Walk into the old house and hope out the back window. Turn right to find a treasure among the ferns.

18th Century Combination Lock

Walk under the water wheel and climb up the platform to the your right. Climb up the walls and into the building to find a treasure resting on the axle.

Chapter 18: New Devon

Mughal Stout Vase

At the very beginning of the chapter, head toward the large building and veer left at the small wooden sign. You will find the treasure by a rock wall.

Small Mughal Dagger

At the start of the chapter, look up to see multiple iron cages hoisted high on wooden posts. Walk to to the large stone column. Facing away from the building, the treasure is in one of the cages with a skeleton to your right.

Mughal Candle Holder

After leaping onto an angel statue's spear, drop into the water and head to an embankment on your left. You will find the treasure under a curved structure to your left.

Mughal Circular Box

In the area with two waterfalls converging into a stream, head toward the base of the waterfall on the right to find the treasure.

Mughal Headdress

After falling through a rooftop into water, swim toward the partially submerged house in front of you to your left. Dive underwater just before entering to find the treasure.

Spanish Brass Chalice

Upon exiting the bedroom in the partially submerged house, keep to the right to find the treasure behind a sofa.

Mughal Painted Elephant

On the grassy area high above the rest of the houses, cross over a stream and head toward a pair of cannons. The treasure is resting on a column's edge on the right.

Mughal Dinnerware

In the final room, head up the spiral staircase to find the treasure on the railing on your right.

Chapter 19: Avery's Descent

Ancient Stone Vessel

Run through the series of exploding mummies, sliding down to another set of detonating mummies. Walk through the opening that has a non-explosive mummy to the right. Jump down, turn around, and a treasure is in the corner of the bottom step.

Mughal Decorative Cudgel

Continue through the tunnel until you come across the skeleton with its left arm reaching up and a pair of mermaid statues. Walk through the opening behind them and around the corner will be a treasure.

Chapter 20: No Escape

Jade Flower Pendant

In the area overlooking the pirate ship graveyard, climb up the rock with the wooden beam. Turn around and jump toward the rock face with the porous surface. Use the piton to climb up and find the treasure.

Stoneware Bearded Jug

After reuniting with Sully, look for a small, green-walled building in the first village area you walk through. The treasure is inside on a bookcase.

Stout Jade Vase

From the lookout where Sully points out his plane, head inland toward a partially submerged bridge. Climb under and into the house on stilts to your right to find the treasure.

Painted Sprouted Vase

After splitting up with Sam, look for a building with a wooden porch on your right. Head through the house, making a left at the red cabinet. Go upstairs to find the treasure on a dresser.

Mughal Perfume Bottle

As you approach the chapter's final area, make a left into the last building before Avery's statue. The treasure is inside on the ground.

Chapter 21: Brother's Keeper

Mughal Enamel Bird

At the first set of Sam's footprints you find, throw your rope and reverse your swing. Land on the ledge above where you just jumped off. The treasure will be there.

Stone Vase

After emerging through a small cave into a cavern, drop down to the shallow water below. Search through some wooden debris in the corner of the cave to find the treasure.

Strange Fruit

As you hang from your rope above Avery's ship, face the ship and swing toward the right corner. Lower yourself as needed and aim for the ledge under the the white-tipped rock. A successful swing will reveal the fruits of your labor.

Rajasthan Box

After your long slide into the water near the close of the chapter, orient yourself so that the opening in the top of the cave is positioned between the two waterfalls. Turn around and enter the small cave behind you to find the treasure on the ground.

Chapter 22: A Thief's End

Mughal Egg Pendant

At the start of the chapter, face the ship and jump in. Swim a few strokes until you see a rock formation beneath the surface on your right. Dive down and swim toward the opening. There, you'll find the final treasure.

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