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Facebook bot And Chill wants to recommend movies for you

Browsing can definitely be a pain

The struggle of trying to figure out which movie to watch on Netflix is real, and to help combat the fatigue that comes with browsing through endless titles, a company has built a Facebook bot to choose for you.

And Chill, which can be accessed through either Facebook Messenger or standard text, asks users to name a movie they saw recently that they enjoyed. More importantly, it asks users why they enjoyed it. After analyzing the specific answer given, the bot comes up with a list of potential movies that may appeal to the user and lets them know whether the movie is on Netflix.

"Instead of designing for an algorithm at the outset, we designed for movie picks that would really hit home for our users," said founder Jake Cohn. "So far that approach has worked extremely well: 75 percent of And Chill users say their picks are spot-on so far."

The bot, which is in its early stages of development, takes a few minutes to give recommendations. That's largely in part because the team is still going over each request received. The creators want to make sure that the algorithm is working with the data being entered to ensure the recommendations handed out make sense.

"We’ve put a lot of thought and dedication into the theory behind what we do, and you’ll see us getting even better very soon," Cohn said.

As it stands, each recommendation comes with a link to the trailer on YouTube so users can learn more and decide if it's something they want to spend two hours watching. There are currently no embedded reviews synopsis of the films given with each request.

And Chill is available to use right now.

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