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7-year-old boy fights back against GameStop robbers

Still a terrifying ordeal for the family.

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Security footage of a recent armed robbery of a GameStop in the Washington, D.C., area went viral after it showed a 7-year-old boy punching one of the robbers.

Remember: "Armed robbery" means "the boy punched a guy holding a gun."

And using it order people to the floor, which the boy and his family ultimately were forced to do as employees emptied the registers and handed over all the cash. WJLA-TV of Washington reported last week that the boy and his family were shopping at the GameStop around closing time when two robbers burst in, weapons drawn, shouting orders.

WJLA said the boy was there to buy a birthday gift for a friend. The camera footage, released by the Montgomery County (Md.) Police Department shows the kid running up to one of the robbers and whacking him two times in the chest, before being dragged away.

"He's a brave little boy, and he recognized he was in a dangerous situation," his father told WJLA. "And there was a stranger and he was trying to defend himself."

The boy and his parents, who asked not to be identified, were forced to lay on the floor face down, weapons pointed at their heads, as the robbers carried out their attack.

No one was hurt, but the two suspects remain at large and the father said he doesn't want the crime to traumatize his son. An arrest would go a long way toward that.

GameStop, for its part, released a statement of sympathy for the safety of its customers and employees, and said it was working closely with the investigation.

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