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A new Harvest Moon game is heading to 3DS

That's not a new Bokujo Monogatari game, mind you

Natsume's next Harvest Moon game is Harvest Moon: Skytree Village for Nintendo 3DS, the company announced today. It's the third title developed by Natsume in the long-running farming sim franchise, instead of by Marvelous Interactive, the original creator of the Harvest Moon games.

Natsume didn't name a developer for Skytree Village; instead, the company detailed what to expect from the title during its E3 2016 debut. Among standard features like finding a spouse, tending to crops and fishing, players will also have upgraded tools to use and more animals to herd, including — for the first time — a donkey.

The story has a fantastical bent as farmers are tasked with restoring the Harvest Goddess' power. The game will also feature returning characters, much like 2014's Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, Natsume's first attempt at creating its own Harvest Moon game.

More about Skytree Village will be revealed later this year, including the game's release date. For those who prefer the Marvelous-developed Harvest Moon series, Xseed is now in charge of bringing those titles stateside. In the West, these games will now go by the Story of Seasons moniker; the publisher released a Nintendo 3DS game by that name last year.

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