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Overwatch player reaches level 100, one week after launch

That's what you get when you play 13 hours a day

Overwatch has already developed quite a devoted following after just eight days, but one player has taken his obsession to another level. Twitch streamer FenderellaKN celebrated reaching level 100 live earlier this week while playing with friends.

The May 30 broadcast runs for nearly 15 hours — an average session length for Fenderella, who has logged more than 92 hours in Overwatch since the game's servers went live on May 23. In an Ask Me Anything session he hosted on Reddit following his stream, he mentioned that he usually plays the game for around 13 hours a day.

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Overwatch Image: Blizzard Entertainment

What do we think of Overwatch?

Much of that time has been spent playing as the offensive hero Pharah, as seen in his profile overview. He has a 51 percent win rate, as seen on his MasterOverwatch page, and has played 727 total games.

Overwatch has no level cap, but 100 is still a big number to hit in just one week. There is an experience cap, though; following level 23, players need only gain 22,000 experience to hit the next level. After reaching 100, players' portrait borders are changed up, with an updated image reflecting their level. You can see Fenderella's fancy new border in the image at the top; it's on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can watch Fenderella's achievement in an archive of the stream; tune in around the 14-hour, 50-minute mark to watch the achievement-setting match unfurl.

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