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Doom gets multiplayer patch, upcoming photo mode for your demonic picture needs

A fix for today with more to come later this month

Doom multiplayer update hitting today will rebalance weapons and reduce wait times, according to Bethesda assistant community manager Jason Leavey.

Those weapons include the Chaingun, Rocket Launcher and Combat Shotgun, while wait times are said to drop to 60 seconds between matches. The update, which is server-side and doesn't require a download, also adjusts Clan Arena and Freeze Tag; to win, teams must complete five rounds per match.

Doom players have cited numerous issues with multiplayer since launch, specifically with a lack of features such as private matches, and cheaters. Eurogamer recently reported that Doom multiplayer developer Certain Affinity is no longer on the project, and that id Software is working to add additional features and weed out bugs.

Still to come in an update later this month are new features and tweaks: Photo Mode for in-game screenshots, classic Doom weapon placement, new Snapmap features and bug fixes. More details about the update will be available closer to release. For more on Doom, check out our review.

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