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HBO to adapt Marvel's Scarlet from Brian Michael Bendis

It's a tale of pure anarchy

Brian Michael Bendis, the creative mind behind Marvel's Jessica Jones and Sony's Powers, is bringing another one of his titles to television.

During a panel at the Austin Television Festival, Bendis announced that Scarlet, his comic about a young rebel in Portland who kickstarts an American revolution, would be coming to HBO. Bendis didn't provide an additional details on the series, like when it was expected to formally be announced by HBO or who he'd like to see star in it, but said the deal has gone through.

Scarlet tells the story of Scarlet Rue, a young idealist from Portland who sets out to protest the corruptness of the world. During her mission, she meets like-minded individuals who are also fed up with the state of the nation and accidentally leads a revolt against the American government. The main character often breaks the fourth wall to address the reader directly, much like Deadpool.

Scarlet marks the first Marvel and HBO collaboration, but the comic book publisher also has shows currently airing on ABC and Netflix. More information about the show may be revealed before the fall season begins and networks dole out more information about plans for new and upcoming shows.

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