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Mr. Robot brought on a former hacker to make sure the show was accurate

Advisor said it's up to him to make sure Reddit doesn't call them out

In order to make Mr. Robot seem as plausible and realistic as possible, showrunner Sam Esmail brought on a former white hat hacker and security analyst to ensure that everything they wanted to do could actually be done.

Kor Adana, who's officially listed as a technical advisor for the show, told Variety that his job can get pretty stressful at times as he delves into message boards and forums to make sure that everything is correct. Using message boards and forums, Adana takes ideas Esmail wants to pursue and checks to make sure that there's evidence of it being done before, or at the very least, could be done.

"I research hacks and figure out exactly what Elliott (Rami Malek) would be doing at his computer and what would be seen onscreen, what kind of software he would have, and what commands he would use."

"I don't think this position has really existed before in television," Adana said. "So it's an interesting place to be."

The second season of Mr. Robot will explore the after effects of Elliot's attack on the evil conglomerate E-Corp and exposing their financial secrets to the world, inciting riots across the nation. It will premiere July 13 at 9.m. ET on USA Network. Watch the trailer for it above.

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