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What happens when your Hearthstone deck is all legendary minions?

And even better: What if you have four copies of each one?

Legendary minions are often the coolest part about Hearthstone. They're rare, harder to get than every other card but they make a big impact when you play them. In this week's Tavern Brawl, we get to see just how big of an impact.

Griffin's out this week, but we're still keeping the #Stonerz dream alive with a look at Cloneball. In this mode, your deck is made up of randomly chosen legendaries, with four copies of each. This means, if you get lucky and get the right legendary minions, you're about to be an unstoppable force.

If you get unlucky, well, you're going to be Phil.

Enjoy the video for yourself above, and check out more of our Hearthstone shenanigans on our full YouTube playlist.

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