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Your existing Xbox One and 360 games could soon work on Windows 10

The 'leaks' strike again

Microsoft has always hinted at bringing the Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms closer together; the fact that you could buy Quantum Break on the Xbox One and get "free" access to the game on your Windows 10 PC day and date was another step in that direction. While the company's press conference won't begin until 12:30 ET, we're already seeing hints that Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is coming to Windows 10.

"Each game has a store page listing Windows 10 as a system requirement and list them as 'Currently unavailable' when I click the 'Install' button," the tipster wrote. "Some games specify different graphic card requirements. They appear in the Works on this device section on the Library page on the Windows Store." The games are currently showing up in their account with "all DLCs and everything" they bought on the Xbox Store.

This could just be a glitch, but Microsoft has stated that more cross-buy support is coming to the platform in the future.

We won't know for sure for a few hours, but it looks as if Microsoft may be bringing more big-name Xbox One games to Windows 10, and it's possible you'll get access to them for free due to your previous purchases on the Xbox One platform. You can watch the live stream with us to see this announced, or not, live.

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