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Limbo developer's newest game, Inside, coming to Xbox One at end of June

It's almost here

During Microsoft's presentation at E3 today, Playdead announced that its newest game, Inside, would be coming to Xbox One on June 29 and Steam July 7.

The adventure puzzle platformer marks the developer's second game and follows a young boy as he struggles to stop evil forces from taking over the world through weird experiments on human bodies. Inside has been in development since 2010, the same year the developer's breakthrough debut game, Limbo, was released.

Microsoft announced Inside during its press conference at E3 in 2014. Originally supposed to be released in 2015, the game was delayed, with no information on when it would be released until now. Earlier this year, Polygon named Inside one of its most anticipated games of 2016.

To celebrate the release of Inside, Playdead is making Limbo free on Xbox One until June 21 and on Steam June 21-22.