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Bulletstorm 'remaster' coming, according to Xbox assets

The game hasn't been formally announced, though

A remastered version of Bulletstorm, the 2010 action-adventure shooter from People Can Fly and Epic Games, is in development, according to screenshots found in a package of assets Microsoft is handing out at E3.

The drive contains a folder titled "Bulletstorm Remaster" that includes four screenshots and one "hero image" showing the cast of the original game, plus three 4K-resolution screenshots of environments found in the original game. A gallery is below:

Despite the screenshots, no Bulletstorm remaster has been announced by People Can Fly or Electronic Arts, the original publisher. Last summer, Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly regained its independence from Epic Games, who had acquired a majority stake in the Painkiller developer back in 2007.

According to People Can Fly's studio director Sebastian Wojciechowski, his team always owned the rights to Bulletstorm, so there was no need to buy the rights back from Epic Games separately.

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