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The Golf Club gets a sequel early next year

Die-hard fans promised a slew of new features and upgrades

The Golf Club 2, the successor to the 2014 golf simulation and course designer for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, is coming in the first quarter of 2017, developer HB Studios announced today.

HB has been working on the game since September, the studio said, and plans a slew of features new to the game, including a richer career mode, tournament presentation for major events, a deeper player editor, a practice range, and something called "Golf Societies."

The societies are, like virtual country clubs, places where players can gather and socialize and participate in tournaments together. Member play racks up a virtual balance that the society as a whole can then spend on a virtual clubhouse and other amenities.

The Golf Club 2 will use the Unity 5 engine, delivering improvements in physics and visuals there as well. HB Studios said it brought in two golf professionals for motion capture sessions to add more animations and swing styles to the game.

A full list of changes and improvements planned for The Golf Club 2 may be seen on HB Studios' blog.

HB Studios also is working on a snowboarding video game, called Infinite Air, which it has slotted for launch this fall. Infinite Air will also draw on the same course-building depth that distinguishes The Golf Club, whose loyal community has made more than 100,000 layouts to date.

The Golf Club is one of the first titles to share user-generated content across three platforms (PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One), well before Xbox announced it was opening the console up to content sharing and multiplayer across all platforms.

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