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Vampyr trailer shows nightmarish existence of anti-hero

Vampyr new screens

Set in the London of 1918, players will take on the role of doctor Jonathan Reid as he struggles to survive as a vampire without taking lives.

Publisher Focus Home Entertainment calls Vampyr a “unique and deeply immersive experience with a strong and engaging narrative steeped in vampire mythology.”

The new E3 trailer showing off the Dontnod Entertainment-developed game seems to back that up.

The game includes a level-up system that rewards feeding on innocent people with huge amounts of experience points, but not nearly as much for combat. As a doctor and World War I veteran, the player has to decide where the balance is between killing others to keep himself alive in his search for a cure and diving fangs first into his lust for blood.

According to the press release, every single life will also have a butterfly effect on the other NPCs surrounding them. “A merchant’s wife could be killed and he could decide to close shop and leave town. Every life you take away will have consequences for the city and the people around them.”

Vampyr comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC in 2017.

Check out the full video below.

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