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This terrible Chinese knock-off of Overwatch isn’t actually a knock-off

Earlier this week, a video of Legend of Titan hit the internet and it looked an awful lot like Overwatch. Mostly because it was a Chinese knock-off of the game.

But, the developer tells press in China, via this Reddit translation, it was never intended to be sold or even played. The video was surreptitiously captured during an event at a trade show meant to show off the tech for a company that says it can run big, fun games on websites.

To prove the point, the company created a replica of Overwatch, which it says in the video isn't intended to be sold, just to show off the tech.

Any game that hits from the developer, the company told the Chinese website, won’t look anything like Overwatch, nor will it use any of the mechanics of that popular Blizzard game.

Whether the game is coming out or not, it’s kinda fun to watch the bizarro-world Overwatch in action with its renamed Reaper (King of Hell) and its flying tank Bastion. Wait, did I say fun? I meant nightmare-inducing.