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Crytek shows beautiful gameplay of Robinson: The Journey, for PS VR

Will launch with the headset in October

During Sony's day-long livestream at E3 this week, Crytek developers Elijah Freeman and Faith Oezbayram showed off their newest game coming to PlayStation VR, Robinson: The Journey.

The game was announced back in October, but actual in-game footage hasn't been seen until this week. Using Crytek's CryEngine, the game is almost unbelievably stunning, with smooth graphics and gameplay that uses the platform in a pretty unique way. The gameplay shows off the different dinosaurs players will interact with, the environment they'll be able to explore and the different ways they'll control their character in VR.

Although Freeman and Oezbayram didn't have too much information to share about the engine used to make the game, they said that creating a beautiful, fully immersive world was their main priority. They said that when designing for VR, they have to anticipate every little move a player could make and include detailed objects for that player to look at.

Robinson: The Journey follows a boy and his robot as they're forced to become pioneers on a strange new planet after they crash land. Players will take on the role of the young boy and explore the dinosaur-infested land while trying to find a way to get back home.

Robinson: The Journey is one of 50 titles launching on PSVR when the hardware is released on Oct. 13.