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Star Wars content revealed for the secretive Magic Leap platform

Still no hints at what the hardware looks like

Magic Leap is a famously secretive augmented reality company that has raised more than billion dollars in funding, even though it's a bit unclear what the technology they're creating actually is, or how it works. But Star Wars is, in some manner, coming to the platform.

"The partnership, which Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz announced today at Wired Business Conference in New York City, pairs the mixed-reality company with what might be Lucasfilm’s most forward-looking division: xLab formed last year in order to create experiences for immersive platforms like virtual/augmented/mixed reality," Wired reported. "And together, they’ll be developing Star Wars-related content for Magic Leap’s much-discussed (and still mostly unrevealed) technology."

You can watch the video above to get a small sense of what is possible with the technology, and it looks great ... although we still don't know what the hardware looks like or when we can expect to try it.

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