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If you watch one trailer from E3 that isn't at E3, let it be Morphies Law

A body morphology-driven 3D shooter in a robo Day of the Dead setting

How good is the trailer for Morphies Law? It's so good that we're putting it up during E3 even though it's not at E3. It's so good that frankly you should stop reading this text and just watch it. But maybe you're on a slow connection at the moment and can't watch. Hmm ... OK, let's cut a deal: We'll give you the pitch, but you just have to swear you'll watch as soon as you get home. Deal? Deal.

So, in Morphies Law, getting shot shrinks your character and shooting others enlarges you. So, the better you are, the easier you are to hit. As the trailer (maybe semi-jokingly) suggests, given enough time, the game becomes perfectly balanced with all players achieving a kill/death ratio of one.

But there's a little twist that pushes Morphies Law from shooter experiment to body horror. Players' individual body parts shrink and grow as they're shot, turning every player into a horrific, hilarious killing machine. It's perfect, it's amazing, and it's headed to Steam Greenlight.

Morphies Law Explanation Trailer

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