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Khoo left Penny Arcade because 'it was the right time'

"enjoying life"


There was no one single reason why Robert Khoo resigned his position as president of Penny Arcade earlier this week, Khoo tells Polygon.

"After 15 years, it was time to go and try something new," he said in an email interview. "Things have been humming along smoothly for a while now, so with everything in place and smooth seas ahead, it was the right time."

The timing, announced during the opening days of E3 2016, was simply coincidental, he added.

"When you look at our calendar, the summer is the only real break we get," he said. "Between the PAXes and the Child’s Play events, this is the only period of time where we’re not buried.

"It was just a happy coincidence that it was at E3."

Khoo says he's not sure yet what he'll be doing next, though his immediate plans involve traveling, kicking back and enjoying life for a bit.

During his time at Penny Arcade, Khoo helped build the comic and website into not just a brand, but a force within the gaming industry.

A year after Khoo joined Penny Arcade, the group launched the Child's Play charity. The next year, they kicked off the first of what was to become a collection of expos held around the world.

They also delved into game development and video streaming.

A Penny Arcade spokesperson said Khoo's departure was completely amicable.

"Robert isn't resigning because of any issue, rather it was just the right time for him," according to an emailed comment. "Things were at a point where they were really smooth and we had been working on the transition for a while now, and as Robert set PA up for success 15 years ago, he had no issues doing it again."

His departure, the spokesperson added, won't impact any of the things he helped to create or managed.

"He helped set up some incredible things and we will continue to work on pushing out great content for many years to come," the spokesperson wrote. "Going forward Robert will still be a valued friend and mentor to the team.

"He will always be an important influence of the company he helped create, no matter where his future endeavors take him."

Khoo said he's not sure yet if he will return to working with or in the game industry.

"Honestly I’m not sure, but when I start to think about what’s next, chances are I’ll look for a position where I can make the greatest impact."

Correction: This story originally attributed several quotes to founders writer Jerry Holkins and illustrator Mike Krahulik, they were actually from a Penny Arcade spokesman. We've corrected the story to reflect that and apologize for the mistake.

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