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Epic sues gamer over creation of ‘world’s most powerful’ Paragon hack

aimbot, triggerbot included

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Epic Games is suing a German gamer that the developer says created a game-cheating hack for their game Paragon and sold it for a monthly subscription fee, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

Epic is seeking relief and damages from the development, use, advertising and sale of the hack by Robin Kreibich of Kostanz, Germany.

Contacted for comment today, Epic had the following to say: "Epic Games cannot comment on ongoing litigation."

Kreibich created the hack shortly after the game went into early access in March 2016, about three years after development started on the game, according to the suit.

The hack was advertised on a hacking and cheats site as the "world's most powerful hack for Paragon." The ad claimed that the hack added a number of cheating hacks including an aimbot, triggerbot, 3D radar and 2D radar and that it was customizable to make it harder to detect the cheats. Players could, for instance, control the speed at which the aimbot aimed. The maps in the hack gave you a constant view of where all of the game's enemies are during a match, according to the suit. The ad also said that people who purchased the hack didn't have to worry about anti-cheating software because their cheat is "fully undetected."

On June 1 and June 6, Epic sent takedown notices to YouTube for videos created to show off the hack, according to the suit. But on June 8, Kreibich filed a request to have his videos reinstated, according to the suit. In so doing, the German resident opened the door for a lawsuit filed in California, according to Epic's filing.

Epic is suing Kreibich for copyright infringement, unfair competition and breach of contract tied to the end-user licensing agreement. They're seeking damages as well as an order by the judge demanding that all copies of the software be destroyed. They're also demanding a jury trial and an award of that would cover restitution and damages along with the costs incurred in filing this suit and taking it to trial.

Epic recently announced plans for a major overhaul of its third-person MOBA which included an overhaul of movement, upgrades and some other basic gameplay features.

You can read more about that in our E3 coverage of the game right here.


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