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Edward Snowden and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are making a short film together

Plus a few other thousand people

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is using his HitRecord platform to create a short film that answers the question about whether technology is good or bad for the future of democracy. He'll have help from thousands of HitRecord collaborators, and, according to Gordon-Levitt's post on Reddit, will include a short segment from Edward Snowden himself.

In the Reddit post, Gordon-Levitt said that he would be using some of the money he made on the set of Snowden — his most recent film where he played the whistleblower — to fund the entire film and any collaborator on the project would receive a cut of the profits. The rest of the money he made on the film will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union to continue the conversation about technology's role in democracy.

Gordon-Levitt is asking for animators and graphic designers to help out with the project, but added it wasn't limited to those roles. Writers, composers and editors are also welcome to help out with the project.

More information about the short film can be found on the HitRecord website.

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