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Japan's Hearthstone ad is much better if you don't speak the language

I'm sure this ad for Hearthstone is quite lame in Japan. But when you don't undersetand that language, it's much more intense.

Visually, it's rather straightforward. Dude in charge has, at some point in the past, had his ass presented to him by this unassuming employee, so he pays tribute to her. Message: Hearthstone is an egalitarian space where no one is one bit better than the meanest on earth. Still, it's slap full of some great framegrabs. Let's go to the tape:

Here's Mr. Happy, who looks like a cross between Buster Poindexter and a Mr. Rogers puppet.

Who is this who does not bow before me?

omg hearthstone

Finkel is Einhorn!


O__o                                                                                                                    D-:

In case you are wondering what they're saying as they bow to the old dude, it's "You've worked hard today," (roughly speaking) but it's a pro forma post-work salutation akin to "Take it easy," as someone is leaving, and the boss is rarely expected to return salute, as he does here.

Hearthstone launched in Japan on mobile devices and PCs back in October.

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