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Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin dies at 27

Actor best known for his work as Chekov

Celebrated actor Anton Yelchin, best known for this work in the most recent Star Trek film franchise, has died from a freak accident at the age of 27.

Yelchin, who played Chekov in all three Star Trek movies, including the upcoming installment, Beyond, was killed in a car related accident early this morning, his publicist confirmed to the Associated Press. Police do not suspect foul play and are investigating Yelchin's death as accidental, according to TMZ. Law enforcement told TMZ that Yelchin was found at his home in San Fernando pinned between his car and his mailbox.

Yelchin was born in Russia, but moved to the United States as a baby by his parents, who were professional figure skaters. For the most part, Yelchin starred in a variety of critically acclaimed, smaller, independent movies like Green Room, Only Lovers Left Alive and Alpha Dog. He got his start as a guest star on an episode of ER.

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