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Watch Surgeon Simulator's bizarre Donald Trump mode

Take a steak to the face

The Anniversary Edition of Surgeon Simulator now has a new free DLC: Inside Donald Trump.

The DLC is available to download to all Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition owners on Steam, while new buyers and Surgeon Simulator 2013 owners can get it at a discount.

Inside Donald Trump puts you back in your shady clinic with your malfunctioning hands. Only this time, the patient is Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Players can perform open heart surgery on Trump and choose whether to give him a stone heart, or a heart of gold.

In a press release, Bossa Studios calls expressing opinions on politicians through heart surgery, "the most democratic method around."

Results of the surgeries will be displayed on a page on the studio's website.

You won't be able to focus on it as you tenderly smash Donald Trump's ribcage, but the entire time you're doing surgery a news ticker displays quotes from this fictional Trump. Zingers include the contextless "Trump Steaks, where are the steaks? Do we have steaks? We have Trump steaks."

I know where the Trump steaks are. Because I put one on Donald Trump's face.

The game also features Trump-themed accessories, such as the aforementioned steak, a model of Trump Tower, and a bottle of Trump Vodka. Bossa Studios newsletter subscribers also get a makeup kit to beautify the patient.

At the end of your clumsy surgery, you'll be rewarded with an exorbitant medical bill.

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