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Pokémon Sun and Moon's legendaries, trainers and more revealed in latest trailer

Meet Solgaleo and Lunala

Pokémon Sun and Moon's starring legendaries make their full debut in the game's latest trailer, alongside a closer look at the game's central region. Watch the video above to see the psychic/steel-type Solgaleo (on the cover of Sun) and psychic/ghost-type Lunala (the face of Moon) show off their special moves.

Also shown in further detail is the island Alola region, which draws clear inspiration from Hawaii. This time, trainers will help out Professor Kukui, joined by his assistant Lillie and the player's friend Hau. They'll also be able to customize their characters, just as they could in Pokémon X and Y.

There's also something different about the Pokédex this time around: A Rotom lives inside of the device, making the key item even more helpful than usual.

We'll learn even more about Pokémon Sun and Moon closer to their Nov. 18 debut on Nintendo 3DS. Watch the trailer from last month below to meet the latest starter Pokémon.

Update: The Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel has a longer, if brief, tour of the Alola Region. It's just 13 seconds long, but it's our first peek at the region's beaches and tropical breeze.

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