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Steam Controller adds motion VR support as sales top half a million

Valve promises continued support

steam controller close up

The June update for Valve's uniquely designed Steam Controller brings with it news that the company has sold more than half a million of the devices.

The biggest recent update to come to the controller seems to be the ability to create "action set" controller configurations that a player can switch between on the fly. So, for instance, a player could have different control configurations for walking, driving and flying in Just Cause 3 and swap between them with a button press, without having to pause the game.

Valve also now has full Steam Controller support in VR Game Theater mode, including the ability to use the motion controls as a virtual steering wheel.

Upcoming additions to the controller include the ability to assign actions to press-and-hold, double click and toggle.

Check out the full blog post for a rundown of some of the better additions added to the controller recently, and make sure to check out our review of the controller and the Steam Machine right here.