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The Avegant Glyph just got better with latest firmware update

Headtracking is now standard, and easy to toggle

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The Avegant Glyph is a $699 personal home theater that straps onto your face, and it's a great product for privacy and gaming. It's a product that fills a niche that exists between a VR headset and a standard screen. The firmware update released today makes the hardware even better.

One of the additions is better 3D support, so the glasses are able to show 3D content on the PlayStation 4 and any PC game that works with Nvidia's 3D Vision technology. Toggling the 3D effect is easy: just hold the button on the top left of the headset for two seconds. Your PC will see the Glyph the same way it would detect a 3D monitor.

The second addition is even more fun as headtracking is now a standard feature PC games. By holding the button on the bottom left of the headset and connecting a micro USB as well as the HDMI cable to your PC, you can control the mouse by moving your head. This allows you to use your natural head movements to aim in first-person shooters, or to control your view in any game with mouse look.

I tested this method of control in both Overwatch and Doom and enjoyed what it brought to the games. It takes a bit to get used to at first, but it's interesting how precise you become by simply looking at what you're trying to hit. While the Glyph isn't a virtual reality headset — it presents an image that looks like a movie theater floating in front of your view instead of a display that completely wraps you in games or content — it does provide a way to become immersed in your games and movies while also being able to see your surroundings both above and below the headset.

The mouse look feature is also universal. Since it takes control of the mouse input directly, there's no additional support needed from the game. Any title that uses mouse input will work with the headset out of the box using the new firmware.

The product's Kickstarter page explains how to update the hardware using your iOS or Android phone.

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