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Japanese horror classic D finally makes PC debut

Time to replay the creepy cult hit

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Creepy, quirky horror game D is now available on, more than 20 years after it launched on 3DO, Sega Saturn, MS-DOS and PlayStation. The Linux, Mac and Windows PC release marks the first time director Kenji Eno's cult classic is available on those platforms.

D costs $5.99 and is comes without copy protection, as is the case with games on The game is a straight port, so contemporary players have a chance to check out the frightening full-motion video title in its original state. Among the notable features of the Los Angeles-set murder mystery are its story, which plays out in real time, lack of saving and multiple endings.

Eno followed up the game with two sequels: Enemy Zero for Saturn and PC and D2, a Dreamcast game. Each found cult success with survival horror and adventure game fans out West while celebrating wider popularity in Japan.

In 2013, Kenji Eno died of heart failure, leaving a final game idea unrealized. Former colleagues later took the project and opened it up to crowdfunding.

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