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Feral Rites: Everything we know

Jungle exploring comes to VR!

Insomniac Games' first VR game, Feral Rites, is an "exploration brawler" that combines elements and themes from some of the older Legend of Zelda titles (like Ocarina of Time) and action games like God of War. It'll also be exclusive to the Oculus Rift.

Here's everything we know about Feral Rites.


Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Oculus Studios

Platforms: Oculus Rift

Release Date: Fall 2016


Taking inspiration from classic horror and fantasy tales like H.G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau and stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Feral Rites follows the child of a beloved chieftain who was forced to flee Stone Fang Island after his father was killed. 20 years later, he returns to the island where he was raised to avenge his father's death.

Insomniac Games' creative director, Marcus Smith, said that while revenge will act as the biggest motivator for the character, it won't be a typical revenge game. Smith said there are quite a few twists along the way that will make the character question everything he knows.

Smith also confirmed there would be a large magic component to the game that will be incorporated into the storyline. Magic was the source of conflict that led to the initial killing of the character's father and as he returns back to the island, he must confront that reality. Of course, with players being able to transform into animal-people, the magic used in the game may provide a lot of answers during the character's journey.


Asked and Answered

What is Feral Rites?

Feral Rites is an exploration brawler, third-person open world VR game developed by Insomniac Games exclusively for the Oculus Rift.

What will you be doing in the game?

Players will take control of a character seeking revenge for the death of his father 20 years earlier. Exploration is the major focus of the game, according to Smith, with expansive worlds for the player to run through and experience. The other major focus is the fighting itself. Players will come into contact with hordes of enemies that they must take down. Smith also confirmed that players won't have to partake in any mini-games or side quests.

Am I going to get motion sick while playing?

One of the developers biggest concerns was combatting motion sickness while the player was running through the island and taking on enemies. In order to ensure that you don't puke all over your furniture while playing the game, the team at Insomniac went back to traditional camera angles to keep you from swiveling your head around. When players encounter enemies, those enemies will remain in front of the player at all time, keeping your head stationary. If someone manages to get behind the camera and out of the player's peripheral, that enemy simply disappears so players aren't penalized.

Are there any weapons?

There are absolutely no weapons in Feral Rites. It's classic hand-to-hand combat.

How big is the island?

There are absolutely no weapons

There's no exact size, but Smith said that the island is massive. It's designed, first and foremost, as an open-world exploration game and that's the experience Insomniac wants to bring to players. Smith added that they noticed people tend to get lost a little too easily on the island, so they installed a map to guide players around.

Am I an animal or a human?

You're both! It's the best of both worlds. You can transform into an animal during the game, although Smith didn't add if that could only be achieved at a certain level or if everyone has the ability to do so right off the bat.

What can I play on?

The game is being published by Oculus Studios and will be an Oculus exclusive title.

How long is the game?

Smith didn't provide any details on how long the game would be, but considering it's an open-world setting designed to be explored, it could get pretty lengthy.

When is the game being released?

There's no official date as of yet, but Insomniac has said they're looking at a fall release this year.