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Allison Road's publisher and developer give statements, but answer few questions, about cancellation

Still no word why they split, or why the project had to be shut down

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The would-be publisher of Allison Road, the horror game compared to P.T., has given a statement about the project's cancellation but it sheds no light on why they split with the developers, or why the developers then shut everything down.

Speaking to VG247, Team17 made the following statement:

After a long consideration between Lilith owner Chris Kesler and ourselves, we have reached a mutual agreement to end our collaboration on publishing Allison Road under Team17's Games label. We love the concept and value Chris' talent highly, but sometime things pan out differently than expected as game development and publishing have so many layers of complexity. The whole team here wish all the best to Chris on his current and future projects for which, before being a business partner, we are also a fan.

On Friday, Lilith Ltd. (the developing studio) posted this statement to Allison Road's Facebook page.

Alison Road's development debuted last summer with a 13-minute gameplay prototype (below) and a Kickstarter campaign in September. Lilith, however, abandoned the crowdfunding effort when they paired up with Team17.

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