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Mighty No. 9 documentary reveals the game's early days, before production woes

Watch Keiji Inafune peel back the curtain on the long-awaited Kickstarter project

Mighty No. 9 — barring any last-minute changes — will finally make it into players' hands tomorrow, June 21, and director Keiji Inafune can't wait to see their faces once they start playing. At least, that's what he said back in 2014, when the first episode of 2Player Productions' documentary series about Mighty No. 9, seen above, was filmed. The game's developer debuted the video on its Kickstarter page over the weekend as it geared up for launch, promising an early look at Mighty No. 9's protracted development.

Watching with the benefit of hindsight changes the tenor of the episode, where Infaune and the rest of the team talk excitedly about the Mega Man successor's difficulty and lead an office tour. Discussion points include Inafune's frequent requests to his much greener co-designers and his excitement to get the game out within the next year. That's a timeline it obviously missed; first slated for an April 2015 release, Mighty No. 9 was delayed three times, due to bugs and production issues.

Even in the spring of 2014, Inafune acknowledged fans' cries for a playable build of the game, whose crowdfunding campaign kicked off in 2013.

"I really want to see the moment those people lay their hands on the game," he says at the video's end. "If possible, I'd love to see the looks on these people's faces. I want to see their very first impression."

Perhaps that could come in a YouTube montage, he joked. Those picking up Mighty No. 9 tomorrow better get their webcams ready.

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