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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games are coming to Virtual Console

Even more Pokémon games are on their way

Nintendo's adding three Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games to the Wii U Virtual Console this Thursday, June 23. For the first time, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (for Game Boy Advance), Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (both for Nintendo DS) will be playable on Wii U.

Nintendo didn't give a price point for the re-releases, each of which are among the earliest entries in the roguelike spinoff series. Red and Blue Rescue Team first launched stateside in 2006; Explorers of Sky followed in 2009. The games let players control a variety of Pokémon themselves as they travel through randomly generated dungeons alongside other monsters.

For fans of Pokémon and its myriad spinoffs, expect more Virtual Console releases to follow. Nintendo said that it will port additional titles in the series to the platform later this summer. Whether that means Wii U or Nintendo 3DS, where the re-released original Game Boy games ended up, hasn't been confirmed.

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