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Overwatch's golden weapon rewards, competitive mode previewed by Korean players

A deep dive into the Public Test Realm brings new details to the surface

Korean Overwatch players have shared new pictures and details of the game's upcoming Competitive Play mode, thanks to Blizzard's recent launch of a Public Test Realm (PTR) in the region. The open beta of sorts is currently only live in that area, but those with access have brought new information about the golden weapon rewards and season length to light.

A thread on a popular Korean forum includes several images of the golden weapon skins, which director Jeff Kaplan recently said will be offered to players as competitive prizes. A variety of playable heroes gets a blinged out accessory, as seen in screenshots, such as Reinhardt's hammer, McCree's gun and D.Va's mech. See the whole set in the gallery below.

These skins will cost players 300 competitive points, according to those in the PTR. These points are likely earned upon winning during the competitive season, which is set to last upward of three months. Players involved in the preview report that the end date is Aug. 18, at least in South Korea.

Kaplan previously said that Overwatch teams will be assigned a skill rating as a way to match them throughout the season, but players in the PTR suggest that they'll have to compete in "placement matches" first. 10 of these rounds will be required to help determine a team's average skill rating, which ranges from 1-100.

Players are still combing through the PTR to find out more about competitive play before it launches later this month. There's no word on when North American or other international players will have a chance to access the Overwatch preview, but we've reached out to Blizzard for more.

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