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Justice League will be way funnier than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Plus, official synopsis and more details on new heroes

Warning: This post will contain spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War.

Warner Bros. is in the middle of production on the biggest DC film to date, Justice League, which will finally collect some of the most iconic heroes in the universe and put them in one movie. The studio invited a few publications out for a set visit where it released some more information about the film, including the official synopsis, and explained how it would be different from the critically panned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Like Dawn of JusticeJustice League will act as an introduction to all the other superheroes within DC's cinematic universe. While Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman have now all been introduced — both to each other and to the audience — characters like Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash have not, and this will act as that inevitable, much needed introductory film.

Justice League will focus on Batman and Wonder Woman teaming up to take on a greater enemy than they ever thought possible. Superman, for those that may have forgotten, seemingly died at the end of Batman v Superman, but Bruce Wayne was left inspired by Superman's selfless act and is hellbent on carrying his ideals forward, protecting the people of Earth from harmful threats. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman track down a couple of other metahumans to help fight the unspecified threat, but even with the help of Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg learn that they may be too late to do anything.

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Zack Snyder told a group of reporters, according to io9, that the main takeaway they had from Batman v Superman was that fans don't want to see their heroes deconstructed, but rather as superheroes in "all their glory." Essentially, Justice League is going to be a little less serious than its predecessor and take on a lighter, more celebratory tone. It was a sentiment echoed by Ben Affleck, who plays Batman. Affleck said that there's a great deal of comedy that occurs when different people come together for the first time and are forced to work together, and he emphasized the film finds some of its funniest moments in these interactions.

While Batman may have been super duper serious in Snyder's last film, it sounds like he's also going to be one of the funnier parts of Justice League. The Tony Stark of this newly formed DC superhero team, if you will. According to io9, the scene in which Batman tries to recruit the Flash into their party plays out like the scene in Captain America: Civil Warwhere Stark tries to recruit a young Peter Parker, "with a hint of Quicksilver from Apocalypse."

On top of Batman's new found comedic side, he's also going to have quite a few upgrades to his weapon library. The weapons that he uses and the technology invented to make his attacks that much stronger is all new.

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Not to mention that the Batmobile from Batman v Superman is gone and has been replaced with an entirely different car. So while Batman will seem different in Justice League, there are elements of his character that will have remained the same but with a few enhanced upgrades.

Snyder also offered a small update on one of the new villains the Justice League will have to face off against: Steppenwolf, a creature that's after the Mother Boxes (one of which was briefly seen in Batman v Superman). In a deleted scene that popped up on YouTube just a couple of days after Batman v Superman was released, a creature could be seen talking to Lex Luthor, and it didn't take long for the internet to deduce that it was, in fact, Steppenwolf. Snyder couldn't offer too much information on the character, but did say that he's a bad enough villain to warrant the attention of the Justice League. He did not confirm or deny that Lex Luthor would be returning for Justice League.

Justice League is slated to be released Nov. 17, 2017.