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Mighty No. 9 backers aren't getting their promised DLC

And some aren't getting their full game codes

Mighty No. 9 backers have yet to receive codes for the game's downloadable content, according to a variety of forums. Although publisher Deep Silver promised that keys for two types of DLC would be offered to backers upon release, many are reporting that that's not the case.

A thread on the game's Steam forum includes numerous posts indicating that the Humble Bundle keys sent out this morning included two codes — for one type of DLC. Players are getting duplicate copies of the Retro Hero content, instead of one key each for the Retro Hero and Ray DLC.

The game's Twitter account acknowledged the problem earlier today. The Retro Hero DLC is a pre-order bonus that gives the lead character Beck an 8-bit revamp. The Ray DLC adds an extra boss battle against the titular bad guy, as well as the ability to play the entire game as him.

Other buyers are reporting that their PlayStation Network codes are invalid or have yet to ship. Comcept, the game's developer, is aware of that problem as well, noting it in a blog post earlier today. According to the studio, people experiencing a problem with PlayStation keys should try again at a later time; the keys take a while to go into effect, it said.

Comcept has no plans to release any further added content to Mighty No. 9, which arrived today after numerous delaysyears in development and the lead designer's admission that "even if it's not perfect, it's better than nothing." The Linux, Mac and Xbox 360 versions are not yet available due to bugs.

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