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Controversial Overwatch opinion: Shoot the healer

A quick tip from your friend Ben

Good afternoon, players of Overwatch! I feel like it's time we had a quick chat about what's going on in the game, since I spend so much time screaming at you in chat about a certain topic that, gosh, is just kind of getting under my skin a bit.

You see that Mercy over there? I know, this is confusing because she's not shooting at you. You may think that because Mercy isn't shooting at you, she's not a threat. You're wrong. She's making it very hard to kill everyone else because she's healing them.

So here's a super quick tip, delivered in the friendliest possible manner: Shoot the fucking healer.

Can you believe this comic was created in 2007 and we're still having this conversation?

shoot the medic

I don't want to be rude, even though you're kind of doing a shit job of staying on point, but c'mon. This healer situation is out of control. She's, like, right there. Just running around and healing people. Destroying our team by making sure we can't kill any members of her team. Did you know her secondary buff increases the damage of those on her team? It's true!

You should shoot her. With your gun.

Maybe you don't see Mercy, or the enemy team doesn't have a Mercy at all. Do you know who you should look out for? Here's a hint:

Lucio in Overwatch Image: Blizzard Entertainment

That's another character who is a healer! You should shoot him! Maybe think about doing it first, before the other targets you see in front of you! It will, in fact, make everyone easier to take out!

This goes the other way, as well. If you see a healer on your team, maybe think about protecting them! They're a great asset but they don't have great guns, so think about saying "thanks for the heals, my friend!" but looking around to see who is targeting your healers and then remove them from the equation with your weapon.

If you're reading this thinking "I know to shoot healers and protect them, because I understand the roles of the game and I've played one of these before," then great. This guide isn't for you.

I'm not blaming the rest of you. I'm not judging you. I play with you or against you every night, which is why I know this is a problem. So here's a super helpful tip: Shoot the healer.

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