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Overwatch's revamped Competitive Play returns in new open beta

Welcome to the Public Test Region

Overwatch's Public Test Region is now available in North America, giving Windows PC players the chance to try out the upcoming Competitive Play update. Anyone on PC can install the client to participate in the test, according to the official FAQ.

The open beta launched in South Korea first — and players in that region quickly shared several new details about the patch — but it's now open to players worldwide. It includes the new Competitive Play mode, which first appeared in a closed beta ahead of the full game's launch. Players can test out the reworked, more serious gameplay, which introduces several interface changes, a new point system and a sudden death mechanic for tie-breaking.

Progress won't transfer over into the live version of Overwatch, but the full patch will be made available later this month for players to really prove their competitive skills.

Although Overwatch fans on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can't access the Public Test Region, the Competitive Play update is expected to launch on those platforms as well. Blizzard will announce more information about the mode next week.

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