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Comic-Con bringing celebrities, toys and free Wi-Fi to San Diego this summer

More than 100 hotspots around the city

San Diego Comic-Con has been giving attendees access to free, questionably working Wi-Fi for several years, but for this upcoming convention, Cox Communications and Comic-Con International are teaming up to bring the entire downtown core of San Diego free Wi-Fi.

Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, made the announcement during a press conference earlier today and said free Wi-Fi would be made available for anyone in the city between July 8 and July 24, when the convention officially ends. That means that access to free Wi-Fi will also be available during the 2016 MLB All-Star game, which is also being hosted in the city this year.

To accommodate the influx of tourists that will be in San Diego during the month of July, the city will set up 100 hotspot locations to increase the range of free Wi-Fi. To connect, all people have to do is choose the "Cox Wi-Fi Free" network on their phones, tablets or laptops and follow the instructions that pop up. It is unclear, with thousands of people on the network, whether or not it will be reliable, but free Wi-Fi is a nice offer if nothing else.

San Diego Comic-Con runs this year from July 21-24.