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This is how the Dynasty Warriors team turned Attack on Titan into a game

Omega Force is used to games dealing in large scale, but not quite like this

Omega Force, the developer behind the ever-popular Dynasty Warriors series of beat-em-ups, may not seem like the most obvious choice for developing a game based on the dark, post-apocalyptic manga/anime Attack on Titan. After all, Dynasty Warriors is all about murdering legions of enemy soldiers, whereas in Attack on Titan, taking down even a single massive titan is a struggle and a huge accomplishment.

Omega Force didn't let that slow them down, however.

We got to play Koei Tecmo's new Attack on Titan game for ourselves at E3 last week, and you can see our 20 minutes with the game in the video above. Don't be surprised if you notice some awkwardness in the first five minutes or so; Attack on Titan's interpretation of the series' iconic Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear takes some getting used to, and we were trying to do so in a busy E3 meeting room. Still, it isn't long before we're swinging through the air and felling titans like it's no big deal.

For more on Attack on Titan, watch our E3 2016 interview with Koei Tecmo CEO and president Hisashi Koinuma below.

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