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Star Trek's Build-A-Bear collection even makes Mister Spock adorable

Set phasers to "love them" for this first look

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Star Trek is the latest series to get the Build-A-Bear Workshop treatment, with a new line of bears available to order starting today. Four separate bears are now on sale in stores and online in honor of the franchise's 50th anniversary.

As seen above and below, these include two variations of Spock; if you can't recognize him by his ears, eyebrows and haircut, his Vulcan-saluting paw is a sure giveaway. An undressed bear costs $28, while the fully stocked Commander Spock is sold for $55.50.

There's also an anonymous "red shirt" bear ($52.50) and another one with the Star Trek logo stamped onto its chest ($25). Build-A-Bear is selling various uniforms and a sound clip of the show's theme song as well.

These are all up for purchase right now on the Build-A-Bear website. The toy company is known for its crossovers, including ones with Star Wars and Pokémon.

As for Star Trek, next up is the film Star Trek Beyond, out July 22. It's Justin Lin's first time helming a feature in the movie franchise and marks the return of Zachary Quinto as a slightly less cute version of the Vulcan.

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